DyAnne Awe is an artist with the Lowrey Organ Company. She has concertized throughout the world for over forty years. She has performed from Radio City Music Hall to the Far East. DyAnne was also the organist for the Long Island Ducks Baseball Team in New York.

She has been a church organist and world-renowned teacher for forty-six years. DyAnne’s students in their own right have won critical praise for their own performances.

DyAnne has performed at the prestigious Lowrey Home Organ Holiday in Chicago and for special concert programs throughout America. She is known for her magnificent arranging and pedal expertise. She has also performed at the Florida Lowrey Spectacular, the Nashville Lowrey Spectacular, the Branson Lowrey Spectacular, the Vegas Spectacular,Omaha Lowrey Spectacular and most recently the Nashville 2015 HOA Spectacular. Her next stop in September, 2015 is London, England!

Her rhythm creations have been published in magazines such as Keyboard Showcase Magazine for over 20 years.

Along with her concert schedule she is also an accomplished recording artist with many albums, CDs, and DVDs.

DyAnne has traveled far and wide and is kept in constant demand on the performing circuit.

DyAnne’s performance will be an encore experience for all who attend.

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